Fabric sourcing | 4th Floor

Every fashion student knows that in London Berwick Street is a great place to go for quality fabrics. It’s the home to The Cloth House, The Silk Society, Misan Fabrics and many more.


Although these shops have good quality material, sometimes the price is not reasonable for students. I mostly go there for fabric samples and trimmings. So last week when I was talking about fabric sourcing at my internship, one of the new interns suggested 4th floor.

4th floor is a fabric outlet, I believe it’s set up by Misan Fabrics, not too sure. Based in Shoreditch, East London, this fabric outlet has a lot of fabric to offer. They sell discounted cut lengths and also rolls of fabrics. Trimmings, buttons and zippers are also available there in packs of 5/6 for £5.

I was pretty impressed by there range and I did want to buy a few different fabrics but I held myself back because of the price. The price depends on the type of material and how much is on the roll. Most of the fabrics I was loving were rolls of around 7-8 metres and I didn’t really need that much. They were wool so the price was around £50-£70, which is reasonable if you are making a few things. You have to buy the whole roll because the fabrics sold there are discontinued.

I ended up buying a pack of zippers, a pack of buttons and also a roll of white stretchy knit all the £34.80 inc VAT. I think this store is perfect for last year students who are looking for any kind of material and need over 4 metres for their final collection. You should definitely check 4th floor out.

-Nearest Tube Station: Old Street or Hoxton
-Address: 19-23 Kingsland Road
-When you arrive at the building just press the button for 4th floor and they will let you in.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know if you have been to 4th floor before or if you will be going. Also let me know what your favourite fabric store around London.

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Jenisha ❤


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