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I love love love lip products. Can’t get enough of them. I literally want to try every lip product out there, probably not possible but I’ll try as many as I can ha. Saying that I don’t really like all the finishes you can get now a days. I’m not really a gloss kind of girl, matte lips are my thing. Does anyone agree?

Majority of my lipsticks are from MAC cosmetics, so I thought I’d share my collection with swatches. Any recommendations?

Lets start with the nudes, first one in my collection is Honey Love. It’s a peachy nude perfect for light to medium skin tones. Honestly when I bought it I loved the colour but now I feel like it too light for my skin tone so I mix it with a darker lip liner to give it a different undertone. In the tube it actually looks darker than it really is but never the less its a beautiful colour. ↓

My second nude is Velvet Teddy. It’s a brown-nude but not too dark. This on is also a matte finish and as you can see in the pictures below, it has received a lot of love from me. I purchased this lipstick when I started my second year of uni and I literally wore this colour when ever I just needed some on my lips. It’s perfect for day-to-day wear. ↓

This next nude in my collection was my second ever MAC lipstick I bought; I’m pretty sure it was ha. It’s called Hug Me. At the time I bought it I wasn’t really bothered about the finish, it’s a lustre finish btw, and I’m pretty sure I bought this lippie just because of its name – how childish of me. It is a nice nude, it does kind of remind me of a glossy version of Velvet Teddy. Because of the glossy finish it isn’t as dark as VT, I’m not too sure if I like it anymore. Maybe I will try blotting it with so translucent powder.↓

There’s alway that one lipstick that breaks right? I’m sure everyone at least has one, but when it’s your favourite one is hurts the most. This next lippie was my favourite nude to wear on a night out but it broke. Nude from the Rihanna Talk that Talk collection is one of my all time favourite colours. What hurts more is that this was a limited edition collection :(. It’s a cool tone nude and was the first nude I thought looked great on my skin tone. Just because it broke doesn’t mean I can’t use it, I just use a small lip brush to apply it. ↓

After the tragedy of one nude lipstick I went on the discovering more. For my 21st I asked for a couple of Mac lipsticks and one of them was Taupe. I had been eyeing up Taupe for a while and finally got it last summer. Even though it not a summer colour I just wore it to work because for me it was a great nude to wear with barely any make up. This is another colour that reminds me of Velvet teddy but this one is darker. I think this colour would look good on a lot of different skin tone. This one is also a matte finish, surprise surprise. ↓

The last nude in my collection that has basically started to get all the love ever since I got it is Whirl. The hype about this colour was crazy. When I heard it came out in the USA I literally checking when it was coming to the UK. The day finally came when it was available here and they were all sold out with in seconds. I even checked in Prague when I went on holiday and I had no luck. Gutted much. Finally a week later I got my hands on it and ever since has been my go to colour. I didn’t really get it because of the whole Kylie Jenner craze, but because of its colour. It’s a muted brown with peachy undertones. I think it would look great on every skin tone. ↓

So there were my beloved nudes and now I will move on to pinks. I’ve only got two and both of them were purchased a few years ago. When I bought them I used to wear them a lot but not so into pink lippies anymore. Maybe I’ll give them a shot again. The first one I bought was Pink Nouveau. It’s a satin finish which is basically semi-matte and it’s true baby pink. Now at the time I was buying it I thought it would be nice to have a baby pink but when I wore it for the first time for a night out I wasn’t too sure about it. I think I haven’t worn it ever since but I will definitely try pairing it with a darker lip liner as I love layering lippies now. ↓

The other pink lipstick was Girl About Town. It’s an amplified finish hot pink colour. I saw one of my friends wearing it and I just had to get it, although I did wear it more than Pink Nouveau. I think I need to start re-using this colour especially now that Spring has officially arrived. ↓

When I first started wearing lipsticks I was into the plum coloured lipsticks a lot. And that’s where this one came from. My first ever MAC lipstick was Rebel. I bought it when I went to New York, at first I was looking for something darker but later fell in love with this colour and how it complimented my skin tone. It’s a satin finish red based plum colour. This is my all time favourite lipstick, it looks darker than it is in the right picture below. I love it so much that I have 3 lipsticks of this one colour, I keep 2 in two different handbags and 1 at home. ↓

Staying within the ‘purple’ family the next one in my collection is Heroine. It’s a matte finish vibrant purple but when you apply it on the lips it doesn’t look at bright. I love having funky colours for days I feel experimental. Look how pretty it is… ↓

And lastly the show stoppers… Red lippies. Lets start with the darkest, Talk that Talk, a retro matte finish deep burgundy. This was also a part of the Rihanna – Talk that Talk collection and it has the most gorgeous rose gold packaging. I love this colour for a night out but the only problem I find it that its very drying because its retro matte of course. Never the less a beautiful colour. ↓

Next up is Russian Red which has slowing become one of the most popular reds if I’m not mistaken. It is a beautiful red with blue undertones. Perfect for a date night if you don’t want a bright red. I’m so glad I bought this colour, great to have in your collection. It’s a matte finish but not drying which I love. ↓

And finally completing my MAC lipstick collection is the one and only Ruby Woo. This is definitely the most popular colour in the MAC lipstick range for sure. The plus side is this red goes well with ever skin tone but what puts some people off is that is so drying because it’s a retro matte formula. It didn’t really put me off and I know there are so many other people who love this colour. It was the first ever red lipstick I bought so if anyone is struggling with buying red lipsticks or is scared to try a red one, you should start with Ruby Woo

That completes my MAC lipstick collection. I’m sure I’ll be adding to these very soon but for now this is it. What are you favourite Mac lip products? What would you recommend? Let me know in the comments down below.

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