Sephora & Nyx | Haul

If you live in the UK or have ever visited you will know we don’t have a Sephora store anywhere. So when ever I got anywhere where there is a Sephora store I go all out with buying products. There is obviously the option to buy online but it’s not worth it unless it’s a lot of stuff.

So here is everything I bought from Sephora. Let me know down below what you like buying from Sephora. Enjoy.

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Firstly I got the Sephora sheet masks, these are my favourite sheet mask ever. I picked up 6 different face masks in: rose, orchid, algae, green tea, pomegranate and lotus. Because I love the face masks so much I thought I’d give the lip and sleeping masks a try too. I got two of the shea lip masks and one rose lip mask. I’m excited to try these, if they are as moisturising as the face masks I will be purchasing more for the winter season. The sleeping masks I wasn’t sure about but I thought might as well give it a try. So I picked up the rose, orchid, green tea and lotus one. Maybe I’ll try these and do a review on them.


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I couldn’t help myself but to buy the Make up forever skin equalizer primer but I didn’t want to spend too much so I went for the smaller size. Then I got pulled into buying the fixing mist, ha. So I go that in a travel size too.

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The place I was shopping was called MANOR, it was basically a department store like John Lewis, House of Fraser etc. I left the Sephora counter and went to look at other things then I came to it and found this beauty. The Too Faced HangoverX primer, it’s not available in the UK so I was obviously going to grab it while I can, ha. I’m so bad when it comes to make up shopping.

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I went over to the Nyx counter to see what colours they had the butter glosses in, but they were literally out of every colour I wanted so I had a look at other products. If you know me you’ll know I love my brows and I love filling them in so I picked up the Tame & Frame brow gel in the shade taupe/ash. Then I laid my eyes on the ombre blushes and I couldn’t resist, ha. I picked up the colour Mauve.

My pink beauty blender has got so much love ever since I bought it last year. So I thought it would be a good idea to get a new one and I found the black beauty blender, yay. I probably didn’t need it but I have it now, ha. With all my purchases I got a few freebies which is always a good thing.

Freebies: Too Faced Melted Lipstick – Chihuahua; Sephora Colourful blush – No.5 sweet on you!; Sephora Mascara; Sephora Mud mask.

Well that was all of it. I think I need to stop the make up shopping for a while, ha. Let me know down below if you’ve tried any of these, or want to try any of them. Have you bought anything for Sephora recently?

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Jenisha ❤️


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