Makeup Geek Shadows | Haul & Swatches

Last month BeautyBay had an offer on the Makeup Geek products, buy one get one free, so how could I have said no? Ha. I ended up getting a total of 8 shadows and 2 contour pans, but obviously half of them were free. My total came to £27 which was a bargain and the shipping was also free, yaay. Here are the shades I picked up and swatches. Enjoy!


Firstly I picked up 6 normal shadows, 3 matte shades and 3 shimmery shades. You can kind of tell what kind of colours I like, ha.



Top to bottom:

Beaches & cream: a light peach colour, perfect as a base colour of eyelid or even a light crease colour.

Desert sands: a warm yellow colour with brown undertone. Again a great colour for crease or all over the lid.

Cocoa Bear: a warm brown colour, great for a darker crease shade.

Cosmopolitan: beautiful rose gold/champagne colour. Great for inner corner highlight or all over lid.

Steampunk: beautiful brown shade with gold shimmers, nice all over lid colour.
*this colour is a duochrome colour*

Moondust: Green/grey undertone with gold shimmers.


I also picked up 2 duochrome shadows. I didn’t know if I would use them a lot so I only got 2 but now after swatching them I may get some more they are gorgeous.


Top to bottom:

Bada Bing: gorgeous brown with gold flex.
*this colour is a normal shadow not duochrome*

Ritzy: beautiful colour with brown undertone and green shimmer.



Lastly I picked up 2 contour shades, there are about 8 colours to chose from so you can definitely find a colour for yourself.



Left to right:

Infidelity: a cool fair colour for a chiseled cheek look.

Bad habit: a warm fair colour for an all over bronzed look.
This is everything I picked up from Beautybay during this offer. I hope the explained the colours well enough, not really great at describing, ha. The eyes ares so creamy and blend really well, I can’t wait to pick up a few more. I also need a Z palette to put them in so thats on my list too.


Hope you enjoyed reading my Makeup Geek Haul/ Review. Let me know down below if you have any MUG shadows or contour pans, which one is your favourite?

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