June Favourites | 2016

I know my June favourites are quite late but better late than never, ha. I haven’t got that many favourites so I’ll just get straight into what I was loving last month. Enjoy.


Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and Instant Boost
I have been using these two products for a while now and kept forgetting to include them in my favourites. Both products have improved my skin a lot. I use them day and night and it leaves my face looking fresh and clean. Definitely a must have in any skin care routine.


OGX Coconut milk 
I got this quite late last month but it quickly became a favourite because it has helped my hair so much. It is supposed to make your hair stronger so it doesn’t break and I have actually noticed that my hair hasn’t broke off as much as it used to. I just apply 1-2 pumps in towel dried hair and it does the trick.


Mario Badescu Drying lotion
I first heard about this product from Nicole Guerriero on Youtube and I wanted to get it but completely forgot about it until the whole “Kylie Jenner” hype started. Kylie posted on snap chat that she uses this drying lotion on her spots and everyone went crazy and got it. So I thought why not try it. OMG I was so impressed over night a huge spot on my cheek disappeared and I was so happy. Especially when its the time of the month it really helps and it wasn’t even that expensive.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick – Birkin Brown
I went to buy the Glastonberry lipstick by CT and ended up getting this nudey brown colour too and I literally haven’t worn any other nudes all month. I wear it to work most of the days and whenever I have neutral makeup on. I love it, its like the best nudey brown.


Colourpop Highlighter – Wisp
I think this highlighter has replaced mary- lou. I have only worn this highlighter ever since I got my Colourpop package through the door. It’s literally the softest and the most buttery highlight ever with a great pigmentation.

Colourpop Ultra Matte – Lumiere 2 & Tulle
I have been in love with all the Colourpop lippies I got, every single colour is amazing and the formulation is amazing too. But the ones I have been reaching for the most are Lumiere 2 ( Kathleen lights colab) and Tulle. I have been mixing them to make a perfect shade for me and whenever I wanted to wear liquid lipsticks last month it would always be these two together.


So they were my favourites. What did you love last month? Let me know down below.

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