Uni Wishlist | 2016

I’m going into final year at uni this month and there are so many things I wanted to get. So I thought why not share with you guys and see what you think. These are only a few things, the list is much bigger but here they are anyways.

uni wishlis.jpg

  1. Adjustable Mannequin
    As a Fashion student it is very helpful to have at home but not a must. I do have a mannequin already but it’s not adjustable and therefore I find it difficult to make different sized clothing. I started looking into buying an adjustable one but found it too expensive. eBay also has everyone’s back though I saw some used ones in good condition and good price.
    ** In the process of writing this post, I had already bought the mannequin I saw on eBay, one thing ticked off the wish list. **
  2. Floral elephant hand-stitched notebook
    When I first started uni I went to Paperchase for some stationery shopping and go an amazing stitched notebook which I loved and this year I want another one. I saw this floral elephant one on the Paperchase website that I really want. It’s only £10 for quite a bit book so I think I may purchase it. If you want to have a look at it click here.
  3. A6 Elephant Dairy 16/17
    I do like keeping diaries to keep track of what lectures I have and when but I usually forget to write in it after maybe the first few weeks. I want to change this and keep a track of everything and this small dairy will be more handy. It will fit in any of my bags without taking too much space so I can keep it with me all the time. This is also from Paperchase but I can’t seem to find it on the website so I hope they have this design in store. Kind of want to keep to the elephant theme, ha.
  4. Fairy Lights
    I’ve got an Instax Mini 8 camera and I have so many pictures from it that I would like to hang up on my wall. I was going to just do it on sting but I think it will look better on fairy lights. I have seen some on different websites but I don’t know which ones to buy yet.
  5. Blogger’s Journal 
    I was flicking through the Paperchase website when I came across this bloggers journal and thought it would be so helpful to have so I can plan my blogs and keep up with blogging even with all the final year work I will be getting. It has a plan for every day of the week and a to do list too. It is on the pricier side but I’m still thinking about it. If you want to have a look at it click here.
  6. Chalkboard
    The last thing on this wish list is a chalkboard. Even though white boards are easier to have this chalkboard looks too cute to reject. I found this on the Wilko website and I want to put it in the kitchen as little notice board. It also has the little pegs so we can clip things to it which is cool. It’s only £6 so I think I may end up getting it. If you want to have a look at it click here.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my wishlist let me know if you are off to uni and have a wistlist. Anything you see on my list that you would like? Let me know down below.

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