BLOGMAS’16 DAY 4: Christmas Jumpers


Everyone loves a good festive jumper even if it’s a little ugly, ha. Funnily enough I’ve never had a Christmas jumper and this year I’m determine to find one. Here are few of the ones I’m liking so far, hope these will also help you find a perfect jumper for yourself.

  1. Fluffy Fairilse Christmas Jumper – Matalan £18
    I love fluffy jumpers and PJs this time of the year so a fluffy Christmas jumper would be perfect. The love the pattern on the jumper too.
  2. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Jumper – Boohoo £15
    This could be a potential winner for me, the quote just reminds me of Macaulay Culkin (Kevin) in Home Alone; one of my favourite movies to watch over Christmas.azz14523_grey_xl
  3. Sleigh My Name Jumper – Boohoo £15
    Taken from a great song from a great girl group, I wouldn’t mind having this quote on my jumper.
  4. Lets Take An Elfie Jumper – Pretty Little Things £18
    If you know me well, you’ll know I love taking selfies and this is perfect for me.

  5. Christmas jumper with sequins – H&M £14.99
    I actually saw this jumper in one of the H&M stores and I thought it was genius. Depending on the direction of the sequins, the jumper has two different quotes. One is ‘sleep all day’ and the other is ‘sleigh all day’.

    Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 12.52.31.png


    These are a few that I have liked so far. Did you like any of these? Have you already got one? Let me know down below, I’d love to see.

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