BLOGMAS16′ DAY 8: Gifts for Him


As hard as it is to shop for a girl, I think it’s even harder to shop for a guy. There are a few things I have noticed that guys don’t like receiving anymore such as a Lynx shower gel & deodorant set, ha. Can’t blame them, I wouldn’t want that every year. I’ve put together a list for you to make it easier to decide what to get for him.

1. Shoes

Surprisingly most of my guy friends have bigger collection of shoes than me. Even my boyfriend has a massive collection of shoes. Not to mention they look after them as if they were their child, ha. Why not gift them a pair of shoes they have been wanting for a while. I know my boyfriend has been wanting a pair of Timberlands for a while now so he may just get lucky this Christmas.

2. Gift Vouchers

If they love shopping and you know their favourite store, then a gift voucher would be perfect for them to go get whatever they want. This is always a better idea than getting something they may not like.

3. Gadgets

Boys are always into their gadgets whether it’s a camera, a PS4 or a tablet. Why not give him a new gadget that has just come out. Many stores will have deals for Christmas, so don’t miss out.

4. Tickets

Why not treat him to a show/ concert that he has always wanted to go to. If he’s into musicals or just theatre in general then why not take him to a West End show. I took my brother to watch Wicked and we both loved it. Our next plan is to watch Lion King.

5. Cologne/ Perfume

I think I have come to a conclusion that I like mens perfume better than women’s in most brands. One other ladies that feel the same? Anyways there are so many different cologne/ perfumes out there, you can gift one that reminds you of old times or something new to create more memories. A lot of brands have gift sets this time of the year so you will definitely be able to find a good deal.

Hope this list helps you with your Christmas shopping, share the post or tag someone you think needs a little help with their shopping.

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