BLOGMAS16′ DAY 12: Christmas Decoration


I love decorating, whether it’s my room or a Christmas Tree. Unfortunately this year I couldn’t decorate my tree at home because my dad beat me to it, ha. Though I never imagined he would do a great job. I love the look of our tree. The other surprising thing was that my brother and I wanted to get a 7 inch tree for ages and my dad actually went and got one to surprise us. I love him so much! (:

So here is our tree all decorated ready for the presented to go underneath. I luckily got to put some of the chocolate baubles on it, ha.


Our colour theme this year is gold and red. Last year we had a silver ornaments on the tree but this time its gold.

I love the red snow flake we also have silver ones too but we can’t have any colour clashes, ha.


This year we have some exciting things on the tree. First one is candy canes, my dad bought them to hang on the tree and eat on Christmas day of course, ha. He also bought chocolate baubles, like I mentioned earlier. These are so cute and definitely change the deco game.


Here’s a picture of my dad with the tree…


I hope you liked this short and sweet post. Let me know what you decorated your tree with. Is it real or fake? (Mine is fake btw)

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