BLOGMAS’16 DAY 14: Festive nail art


fna.jpgI’m not that great at nail art but I do try, sometimes. I was looking through ideas and found a few I liked, I haven’t tried any of them yet but here are some of my favourite designs. Enjoy the short and sweet post.

I love simple designs like these, only having a design on the ring finger looks good.



I love this mauvey – pink colour paired with the glittery gold and the white snowflake. It all ties well together.


I thought the red tips look different compared to the others and I have tried a coloured tip before and loved it so might try again.


Recently I grow my nails so I could do a nail art on them but then they start to chip or break of so they aren’t as long anymore. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do something like this on my short nails but I loves the pattern, it reminds me of a Christmas jumper. The matte red makes it look even better.


And lastly candy cane nail art! I love the contrast between the red and the white, especially with the hint of glitter in the red. I’m not sure if I can draw the candy cane with snow flakes but I can definitely do the stripes.


All images are sourced from google. 

I hope you like this sweet and simple post and got a little inspiration from these to do your own nails. If you have already tried any let me know down below.

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