BLOGMAS16′ DAY 17: Wrapping Presents


Wrapping presents can be a little annoying if you don’t really like doing it. I love wrapping presents, I can do it for hours. As the years past, I have seen different wrapping ideas and today I want to share my favourites.

1. Use brown paper instead of regular wrapping paper. The new trend seems to be brown paper with string as the ribbon and adding a few things to make it look festive like dry oranges or candy cane.



2.  Plain white paper with D.I.Y stamps. Why not make your own wrapping paper with and design? Cut a potato in half and carve and shape, for example a Christmas tree and voile you have you very own stamp.


3. Use giant initials for each present to know who to give it to on the day. If you need to use the initial more than one then make sure to use different colours.


4. Bored of the normal box shapes? Why not try my favourite wrapping idea of them all, the star. This is by far the coolest wrapping idea and there is a full tutorial of how to make it here.


Have you changed your wrapping style this year? Let me know down below.

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