BLOGMAS16’Day 21: Party Games


You can’t have a Christmas party without party games, right? I love playing party games and definitely one that include cards. I don’t think I’m too competitive but some times I can be. I’ve made a little list of the my favourite party games to give you some ideas for this Sunday. Enjoy.

Dumb charades

This is one of my most favourite games to play anytime of the year because it makes me laugh so much. When people don’t know how to act out the film/word that is given to them it makes it more interesting and funny.

Find the rules here.

Ring of Fire

This is basically a drinking card game where the cards are laid upside down around an empty glass. Each player has to pick a card without breaking the circle and each card has a different rule. As the game goes on everyone obviously gets drunk and the game gets funnier. I love playing this game.

Find the rules here.

Santa Hat TV Game

This is a very simple drinking game. All you need to do is put a Santa on the top right or left of the TV and every time someone is ‘wearing’ the hat you have to drink.

Check it out here.

Sing off (Antakshari)

Divide the family into two groups and toss to see who starts. Each team takes turn in singing but they have to start with the last work of the other team song. To make it harder put a time limit on how long you have to think of a song.

These were some of my favourites. What are your? let me know down below if you have a game that I should play with my family this Christmas.

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