BLOGMAS16′ DAY 23: Festive Snacks



I love browsing through Pinterest, you can always find new ideas for everything. This time I looked for quick and easy festive party snacks. Here are some that I found interesting and also might try for Christmas day to make the food look more interesting, ha. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: These are recipes I have found online none of them are my own. Links are included to the original posts. 

1.Baked Camembert with bacon-wrapped breadsticks

Make these to change the look of normal breadsticks. You can make them without bacon if you prefer. Find the recipe here.

2.Pesto, mascarpone and tomato wheels

Again these look more interesting than the standard square shape. Find the recipe here.

3.Black Forest Christmas fool

This a quick and easy desert you can make to impress your family on Christmas. There is also no cooking involved. Find the recipe here.

4.Red Velvet Banana Bread

This bread looks so rich in colour and texture, I really want to try this. I have got red velvet cake mixture so it’s between bread or cake… hmm. Anyways find the recipe here.

5.Candy Cane Marshmallow Pops

These are very easy to make and look great as small snacks before breaking into the food. The kids will love these, they look so cute. Find the recipe here.


Hope you found these inspiring and if you try any of them out please let me know. I will have a post on anything I make… hopefully. Christmas is a hectic time.

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