What I got for Christmas | 2016


There was so much rush leading up to Christmas that when it did come around it went a little too fast. Anyone agree? Now there are only 2 day before the New Year, scary. Anyways back to this post, I wanted to share with you what I got for Christmas this year. I was quite happy with everything I got and so grateful to all my friends and family.


This year I got quite a few bags this year which was surprising but I needed bags so I was happy to receive them. First one was a orange Jasper Conran shopper bag, my little cousin choose it because he knows my favourite colour is Orange. Bless him. I also got a rusty gold clutch bag which I actually needed, I only really have black clutch bags. The last bag I received was a yellow shoulder bag, I guess I can call it that. I’ve never owned a yellow bag but I’ve always wanted on so there we go it worked out well.



I don’t like receiving clothes as presents unless they person giving the present knows what I really want. But in this case I liked the purple cross back dress I got for Christmas. I’m very picky with my clothes so best to give vouchers, ha.


Like I said before I’d rather have a voucher instead of actual clothes and I was super happy to receive a Zara voucher, one of my favourite stores. I’m so excited to buy some goodies from there.


I got HIGH KEY sunglasses!!! OMG! After lusting over them the first two releases I finally got them for Christmas when they released them the third time. This was a lovely present from my lovely boyfriend. Love him so much for this, he’s the best.



‘Ted always delivers’ and so does my brother. Seriously as much as me and my brother argue he the best. He always surprises me with freaking amazing presents and he always seems to know what I want. I got a Ted baker purse for my 21st birthday last year but it unfortunately broke so I couldn’t really use it a lot. I’ve always wanted this colour and absolutely adore it.


Skin care

I love these smelly goodies I receive from my boyfriends cousin. They smell lush and cant wait to use them all. I’ve already started to use the Vanilla Frosting Body butter and it’s amazing.


My parents got me the CK2 perfume set. It has a 50ml perfume bottle and 50 ml hair and body wash. I love this scent it’s so refreshing and light, it’s also unisex.

Top Notes
Violet leaf absolute

Heart Notes
Wet cobblestones
Orris concrete
Rose absolute

Base notes

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset


I received this perfect mug and coaster set and definitely will be drinking my morning tea in this mug to remind myself I’m flawless, ha.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

And lastly money…

I generously received money from my auntie and my boyfriends parents. I have decided to save this money for my third year but I did get two cheeky Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks. I’ll have some swatches and reiews about them soon.

What did you get for Christmas? Anything you didn’t like? Let me know down below. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

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