Goals for 2017!

Wow, its New Years Eve can you believe it? I can’t, last year we celebrated it at my house and I can still remember it like yesterday. Every year I always set myself New Years resolutions but don’t really stick to them but this year I want to! This year I haven’t set any unachievable goals so I think I’ll be okay ticking the off the list over the year. So here we go, these are my goals…

  1. Graduate University
    This one is so obvious because I’m in third year and I’ll be graduating this year but my goal is to graduate with a grade that I’m proud of. I definitely want myself to be proud of what I’ve done and I want my parents to be proud too. Hopefully all my hard work pays off.
  2. One blog post a week (at least)
    2016 started off really well with my blog but I wasn’t consistent every month. For 2017 I want to try and post every  week at least once so that the I can become more consistent and confident.
  3. Stop worrying about what other people are doing
    I am so bad because I always like to see what others are doing and it doesn’t help with my self confidence. I want to stop having a nosey this year so I can focus on myself.
  4. Save money for travelling
    I really want to go travelling, so I need to start saving money for that. It’s so hard when you want all the make up you see on Instagram, ha. But I will do it!!
  5. 10K followers on Instagram
    I want to grow my Insta family and I hope to reach at least 10K by the end of next year. If you don’t already follow me then go ahead and follow here.

So these are my goals. I know they aren’t big and there aren’t many but it’s better like this otherwise I would not be realistic. What are you goals? Let me know down below.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year and thank you for all your support and love. 

Jenisha โค

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