BLOGMAS16′ DAY 24: 2016 Travels



This year has definitely gone way too fast. I remember planning our family summer holiday for 2016 (which was a surprise for my Dad’s 50th), this time last year. And now all the travels of this year are done with and time to plan next year. My second to last blogmas post is dedicated to everywhere I travelled this year, not only abroad but with in the UK too. Hope everyone had a great year of travelling and here’s to the next year.

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BLOGMAS16′ DAY 23: Festive Snacks



I love browsing through Pinterest, you can always find new ideas for everything. This time I looked for quick and easy festive party snacks. Here are some that I found interesting and also might try for Christmas day to make the food look more interesting, ha. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: These are recipes I have found online none of them are my own. Links are included to the original posts.ย 

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BLOGMAS16′ DAY 22: Festive cocktails


For this festive season I really wanted to make some festive cocktails. So I’ve picked some of my favourites to show you today. Lets get straight into the recipes. All of the recipes are for about 2-3 glasses.

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BLOGMAS16’Day 21: Party Games


You can’t have a Christmas party without party games, right? I love playing party games and definitely one that include cards. I don’t think I’m too competitive but some times I can be. I’ve made a little list of the my favourite party games to give you some ideas for this Sunday. Enjoy.

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BLOGMAS16′ DAY 20: Everyday winter makeup look


Sometimes it too cold in the morning to do a full make up look, so in the winter I like to keep it minimal. Also I’m third year at uni now so in the morning I need a quick and simple look that I can do within 10 mins and just change the lippie every time. Not going to lie I usually stick to a set few lippies and need to start using them all.

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BLOGMAS16′ DAY 19: Last minute gifts


There are only 6 days until Christmas and I have no doubt someone hasn’t forgotten at least one present. If you have forgotten then it’s your lucky day. I have put together a list of quick suggestions for her and him so don’t worry and just see what you like. Enjoy.

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BLOGMAS’16 DAY 18: Holiday destinations wishlist


Everyone loves being at home for Christmas with their family and so do I but I also want to go away for Christmas at least once.This doesn’t have to mean being away on Christmas day, I guess. So I have put together a list of destinations I want to visit in the future over the Christmas period. They are also separated into cold and hot destinations. Enjoy.

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