Instagram update | January 2017

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR every one! Hope you all had a great night/ day celebrating. I still can’t believe it’s 2017. As usual I look back on how my Instagram is looking every month, so here it is…

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 22.38.32.png

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Jenisha ❤

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BLOGMAS16′ DAY 1: Instagram update | December 2016


It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged anything! It feels good to start again. I haven’t done an instagram update since September but nothing has really changed on there because I was really busy with third year uni work. But that’s no excuse. So I’m going fit blogging into my schedule.

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Instagram update | September 2016 

Wow September has finally come along and it’s time to get ready for my last year at uni. Excited and nervous right now, don’t know how I’ll cope with all the work, anyone else feeling the same way? Let me know down below.

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Here’s what it’s looking like at the moment. Very Hudabeauty orientated because I’ve literally fallen in love with her liquid mattes. Check out my review here.

I also hit 1K on Instagram recently so I am very happy about that, yaay.

Let me know what your plans are for this month and don’t forget to have a great month.

Jenisha ❤

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Instagram Update | July 2016

I’m happy its July now but also a little annoyed. Happy because it’s my birthday month yaay, and annoyed because the weather has been terrible. Really hoping that the weather gets better by the time my birthday comes along. Anyways here’s my Instagram update.

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Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 00.53.17.png

Hope you have a great month!

Jenisha ❤

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Instagram Update | June 2016

Can’t believe we started June off with rain, but this is England so it’s normal ha. Anyways here is my Instagram update for June. 

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Have a great month ahead, hopefully the weather gets better. 

Jenisha ❤️

Sephora & Nyx | Haul

If you live in the UK or have ever visited you will know we don’t have a Sephora store anywhere. So when ever I got anywhere where there is a Sephora store I go all out with buying products. There is obviously the option to buy online but it’s not worth it unless it’s a lot of stuff.

So here is everything I bought from Sephora. Let me know down below what you like buying from Sephora. Enjoy.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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