BLOGMAS16’Day 21: Party Games


You can’t have a Christmas party without party games, right? I love playing party games and definitely one that include cards. I don’t think I’m too competitive but some times I can be. I’ve made a little list of the my favourite party games to give you some ideas for this Sunday. Enjoy.

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BLOGMAS16′ DAY 20: Everyday winter makeup look


Sometimes it too cold in the morning to do a full make up look, so in the winter I like to keep it minimal. Also I’m third year at uni now so in the morning I need a quick and simple look that I can do within 10 mins and just change the lippie every time. Not going to lie I usually stick to a set few lippies and need to start using them all.

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BLOGMAS16′ DAY 19: Last minute gifts


There are only 6 days until Christmas and I have no doubt someone hasn’t forgotten at least one present. If you have forgotten then it’s your lucky day. I have put together a list of quick suggestions for her and him so don’t worry and just see what you like. Enjoy.

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BLOGMAS’16 DAY 18: Holiday destinations wishlist


Everyone loves being at home for Christmas with their family and so do I but I also want to go away for Christmas at least once.This doesn’t have to mean being away on Christmas day, I guess. So I have put together a list of destinations I want to visit in the future over the Christmas period. They are also separated into cold and hot destinations. Enjoy.

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BLOGMAS16′ DAY 17: Wrapping Presents


Wrapping presents can be a little annoying if you don’t really like doing it. I love wrapping presents, I can do it for hours. As the years past, I have seen different wrapping ideas and today I want to share my favourites.

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BLOGMAS16′ DAY 16: Christmas interior


I’ve always wanted to decorate the whole house but I don’t think my parents would let me so until I get my own place I think decorating the front will have to do. Although it might be a little late to re – decorate your whole house but I wanted to share with you a few Christmas interior favourites I saw over the past weeks on pinterest. Maybe these could help for next years decoration.

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BLOGMAS16′ DAY 15: Beauty Stocking Fillers under ยฃ10


I’ve always wanted a stocking but never got one for Christmas, shouldn’t really complain because we always got more than we asked for. Maybe next year I’ll make them for everyone. I thought it would be a good to give you some ideas for stocking fillers. Enjoy.

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