Instagram update | January 2017

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR every one! Hope you all had a great night/ day celebrating. I still can’t believe it’s 2017. As usual I look back on how my Instagram is looking every month, so here it is…

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 22.38.32.png

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Jenisha ❤

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Goals for 2017!

Wow, its New Years Eve can you believe it? I can’t, last year we celebrated it at my house and I can still remember it like yesterday. Every year I always set myself New Years resolutions but don’t really stick to them but this year I want to! This year I haven’t set any unachievable goals so I think I’ll be okay ticking the off the list over the year. So here we go, these are my goals…

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What I got for Christmas | 2016


There was so much rush leading up to Christmas that when it did come around it went a little too fast. Anyone agree? Now there are only 2 day before the New Year, scary. Anyways back to this post, I wanted to share with you what I got for Christmas this year. I was quite happy with everything I got and so grateful to all my friends and family.

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BLOGMAS16’Day 21: Party Games


You can’t have a Christmas party without party games, right? I love playing party games and definitely one that include cards. I don’t think I’m too competitive but some times I can be. I’ve made a little list of the my favourite party games to give you some ideas for this Sunday. Enjoy.

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BLOGMAS16′ DAY 15: Beauty Stocking Fillers under £10


I’ve always wanted a stocking but never got one for Christmas, shouldn’t really complain because we always got more than we asked for. Maybe next year I’ll make them for everyone. I thought it would be a good to give you some ideas for stocking fillers. Enjoy.

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BLOGMAS16′ DAY 11: Favourite Blogmas posts by other Bloggers


The blogging community grows year by year. I started my blogging journey January this year and I’m very happy with how far I’ve come. Today I just wanted to share some love and tell you about a few bloggers that have great blogmas posts. Check them out.
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BLOGMAS16′ DAY 10: Favourite Party Dresses


Festive season is party season. Everyone has work Christmas parties or New Year parties planned and outfit is very important. I’ve been looking through my favourite online shops to see what outfit I would like to purchase. Here’s my list and hopefully I can give you some ideas.

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